Monday, June 20, 2011

Grey Headed Babbler

Preying for low land rainforest birds at Hutan Simpanan Krau with no significant result but the usual. We were greeted by 3 of this Grey Headed Babbler first thing in the morning, these are my improved shots of this species from the same place.

My best shot of this Large Wren Babbler despite my many encounter with him. And that no amount of coaxing would do the trick, and yet we are no enemy, sigh.

The Rufous Crowned Babbler is a commoner of Krau and pretty inquisitive I say.

And we end the day with a Rufous Winged Philentoma just before the rain started.


tank said...

beautiful & rare...thanks for the visit Yen...rgds

Ari said...

Great series, Yen! what a collections you have...