Monday, June 13, 2011

Black Hornbill

It has been awhile since I last  visited Hutan Simpanan Krau. I had many "missed opportunities" at Krau. One of which happened again yesterday when the Banded Pitta was hopping around barely 30-feet away from  where I was standing guard and continue to hop away leaving me high n dry. 

Greed was another reason why I failed to photograph the Malaysian Rail Babbler,  and all that for  my self imposing clustered free photos, sigh. The Rail Babbler was foraging on the ground 15-feet away under some very thick undergrowth, I could have fire away for some record shots... instead I decided to wait to avoid startling him with the "noise" of  the shutter, and off he goes never to be seen for the rest of the day.   

Despite my long string of "missed opportunities",  I still dream of encountering the Giant Pitta, how lofty!.

A rather grainy photo of a  Scaly Crowned Babbler  that was taken under the dark cover of the forest canopy with high ISO.

 Consolation of the day.


Anonymous said...

Too bad on the RB .......btw It is Bush Crest HB le lifer for u hahaha

Bird luck to u this weekend


Ari said...

Excellent catch of the rare birds!

thefisherlady said...

what brilliant colours!