Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Untimely visit to Bkt Tinggi

It was a good day up at Bkt Tinggi,  hive of activities except I had not luck with the Siberian Thrushes, and don't think we will ever get to see this passage migrant again this year any more. My only consolation was  a female I sighted  over at Genting Highlands

The flower nursery was a great spot, and my results below were all taken from the nursery and/or area near the nursery. Plenty of Grey Throated Babbler, Striped Tit Babbler,  Mountain Fulvetta and White Bellied  Erpornis  in the morning. 

One of the star bird of Bkt. Tinggi.

Another star bird of Bkt. Tinggi.

Plenty of this  Ocharaceous Bulbul.

Here is a Grey Wagtail.

I got confused over the Verditer Fly (f) below because it had little resemblance of the male (above), luckily  I digdeep with Dave : - ) vast difference is term of size/length, the turquoise blue of the  male is so much more vibrant as compared to the greyish blue of the female. 

A lone Banded Woodpecker hammering its way into the rotten trunk for ants!

A very confiding Mugimaki.

 And the nesting season is starting ...

Here a Cream Coloured Giant Squirrel, He is big and that is why he is  not as nimble like his smaller cousin.

Here is interesting reading of this cute creature. 

And here is a Skink, not sure what species is this though.


madibirder said...

T was there last Sunday, no luck too with the Siberian Thrush. The Mugimaki did make an appearance that day. Great shots Yen.

Ari said...

Excellent collection from Bkt. Tinggi, Yen, the 'Silver Breasted B Bill' is simply excellent.

digdeep said...

Hi Yen

The small mammal is not an Etruscan Shrew but a Short-tailed Gymnure (Hylomis suillus). A great photo!

Paul Wu said...

Beautiful collection Yen! Good to see that the SBBs are building nests again!

Tabib said...

That made my jaw wide open, and saliva drooling! ;)
Must go up there soon.

yen said...


Thanks again.

Chris said...

What a set of pictures once again! These are wonderful shots of beautiful birds.... I would be so happy to see so beautiful birds. Thanks to make us discover your world!

M. A. Muin said...

coool! very nice shot. what equipment u used? the shrew n skink id will conform with my friends...keep on shooting..

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Very nice blog and pictures! I will keep my eye on it from time to time!

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