Wednesday, October 06, 2010


What species is this? Both Mike and I spotted this very confiding species at  Genting Highlands and Madi  at Kemensah, what do you think, it is an Asian Brown Flycatcher or something else?


digdeep said...

Hi Yien

Well, first of all, you say that the bird was seen both at Genting Highlands and Kemensah. But are you sure they're the same species? Checking Madi's blog here, there are some obvious differences between them (tail colour for instance). Yours is a grey bird, his is brown, Yours has an all black bill, his has a yellow base to the bill. So - superficially similar perhaps, but actually very different. His is an Asian Brown, yours is a female Little Pied.



WILD WINGS said...

I agree with Dave, the location and colourings. The female Little Pied FC is easily confused with the Asian Brown, but look at its almost all black bill instead of yellow. And also the little Pied's head, as with the male, has a more rounded nape while Asian Brown's name more squarish.


yen said...

thank you all for your inpu