Friday, July 16, 2010

No Rusty

Still no sign of the old Rusty and Marbled Wren yet. The only piece of good news to take home with is the fact that Bishop Trail is not short of Rusty Naped Pittas because they have responded to my play back many times and not seen.

Long story short, here is a  gorgeous Red Headed Trogon that  perched comfortably on a bamboo tree.

This Crimson Winged was spotted shortly after I was defeated by the Marbled Wren Babbler (Gap Road).

And I have no ID of this bird (White Bellied Yuniha / Erpornis a tree babbler?) (below), help. I think the former.

And a Yellow Bellied Warbler.


terence said...

Great Shot and great come back.
Yes is a yuhina

terence said...

Great Shot and great come back.
Yes is a yuhina

Monique et Daniel said...

super sharp images,
nice shots,
nice blog.
this is a comment from france , we don't have so many beatiful birds!

Phil said...

Gorgeous is the correct word to describe the trogon Yen. It's a gorgeous picture too in really capturing the vivid red colours.

Johnny said...

Cuanta belleza nos muestras con tus pajaros. Son increĆ­bles.

ps. El edificio es arquitectura modernista de principio de siglo XX,
"art noveau"

loveable_homebody said...

These shots are fantastic! Seriously, you are brilliant. Are you a professional? You should publish a book of photography.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot Yen.......Hope u get the rusty another rare one
mikebirder Zeroonetwo3298456

Rose Ragai said...

Hai there!
Great shots of all the birds. I love to do the same but i do not have camera like yours. Still using my little digital cam to capture natures. Hmm... Anyway, i add your blog into my lists so, hope you drop by sometime at my blog. Have a good day! God bless.

Rose Ragai