Thursday, May 06, 2010

Common Buzzard

The  stifling heat back in mid March was  atrocious even for a Malaysian and Bukit Tinggi was my hide away  that offers the cool and  a chance to spot this Common Buzzard again.

As always, I found him perched high on a lamp post enjoying the morning sun.

Also spotted the  Blyths Hawk Eagle perched high on a dead tree but was too high up for any decent 


Tabib said...

That lamp post is vantage point for hunting.
I read a posting by Adrian (Bukit Tinggi Sifu) that the Blyth's Hawk Eagle always perch at lamp post number 17 area ( Start counting at the junction to Colmar), at around 7.30 am onwards.

terence said...

nice shot. I'm still hoping to photograph mine.

madibirder said...

Great catch. Been a while since I went there.

Patrina said...

Nice to visit an old friend from time to time :) He must be territorial if you always find him in the same spot. Nice to know that you can find him when ever tou feel the need to look.

As, always, I love the close ups. If I haven't told you, I love you cute header!!

hugs, dear friend
Patrina <")>><

photo ex machina said...


digdeep said...

Very late for this guy to still be here. Nice shots! said...

Great picture!! Congratulations!!


JRandSue said...

Great shots,wonderful photography.