Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Common Iora nesting

I spotted this  inconspicuous Common Iora collecting spider web and I had thought  he was "going" after the spider for a feast, how wrong was I.

Take a guess? 

The truth was as I found out later ... the spider silks was used  to reinforce the structure of the nest, how clever and probably the strongest nest of all because of the  high tensile of the spider silks.

Tabib had documented the entire nesting process recently (must visit)  and you will be amazed with the amount of spider silks that was used constructing the nest.


All Wild said...


The Abbot said...

Great colourful blog. Well done.

terence said...

nice shot!!

Tabib said...

That a male Iora collection the spider web.
Very good documentation.

Mike said...

Some great bird photographs here! I will be back, thank you for sharing.

Patrina said...

I love yellow birds. Such cheer they bring to life.

Thew silk web is interesting!

thanks for sharing
Patrina <")>><