Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black Birds of Fraser's Hill

Can't say my trip to Fraser's Hill was fantastic because it very misty in the morning and it  rained in the evening ...anyhow here are the black birds from the hill station.

Let see if I get a chance to see the fledgings soon.

Here is the Lesser Racket tailed.


Tony nile life said...

Nice clear Shots well done.

wondersf said...

The settings in Frasers Hills has gone down the hills. In the early days birds were everywhere. Today! We have to search places to see them, wait for them to come by and when the birds do show up, I called them mini bird waves!

terence said...

welcome back Yen!!
Its been a while I haven't see you posting. Great to see more nicer picture posted in your blog.

Changli said...

great photos!

Patrina said...

beautiful eyes and strange looking tail for a bird!!

thanks for sharing, Yen

Patrina <")>><