Friday, February 12, 2010

Dark Throated Oriole

Not my best shots of the Dark Throated Oriole because I have deleted some of the better pose/shots by accident, shit happens ; )


Tabib said...

Oh..I never met this guy before.
Do you know that there is a software that can recover that deleted pics from CF card?.. and free too.

madibirder said...

I've experienced this before. Like Tabib said,yes you can recover the files if you do not write anything new to the card. I use FreeUndelete which you can download for free.
The pictures are not too bad!

zzlaloq said...

yeah..shit happens.. u'll will find better pose..happy cny!

Jordan Sitorus said...

Ouch...better luck next time then! & perhaps using the protect-image feature is not a bad idea as well.

yen said...

Doc, Madi, Thanks, will download and try. But I had files/photos overwritten on the CF card twice, not sure if it will work though.

Happy Holidays and sure is nice to have the trails or where ever that you are birding free from crowd eh?