Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rude Awakening at FRIM

These photos were taken from Taman Botanica Kepong @ FRIM before I  was chased away by the security guard because there is no cemera policy enforced by the park which I don't understand.

Don't the Park Officers take photos too when they and family visit Disneyland ? And FRIM is  promoting Ecotourism ?


zzlaloq said...

i've read that you have to fill in some form first at the tourist information centre agreeing the photos are for non profit and if the pics are sold, frim is to get their share.

madibirder said...

I came to know about this policy during my last visit there. It's the most ridiculous policy which doesn't help in promoting ecotourism and Malaysia in general.Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia should do something about this.

tony said...

Nice shots. shame on the guards does this include any birds,

Tony nile life said...

Dear Mr Roberts,

Our apologies for your bad experience with our guards. We have just appointed a new security company and perhaps they are overzealous in doing their duty.

I will ensure the new guards are given proper training on how to deal with visitors as well as be updated on FRIM’s rules and regulations including the various charges.

For your information FRIM is not a public park, unlike the Lake Gardens or the nearby Metropolitan Park. FRIM charges RM300 to professional photographers for commercial shoots and RM100 for wedding shoots. We do not charge visitors taking photographs with point and shoot cameras. We have to charge as FRIM being a statutory body and not full government agency needs to generate our own income to help maintain our grounds. Admittedly we acknowledge that some amateur photographers and people who has photography as hobbies sometimes have cameras as sophisticated as the professionals. Hence this is where the misunderstanding usually lies. I shall draw up a guideline for a more lenient interpretation for the guards so as to minimise/avoid future conflicts. But, we will also want to ensure that our lenient stand will not be abused by people who should pay.

In the meantime, we welcome visitors to enjoy our campus. We are proud to share this nature bounty, which is rehabilitated from ex-mining land and vegetable garden by our researchers these past 100 years, into the lush haven it is today.

Tabib said...

Hem.. Yen, I want to buy this beautiful spider picture, and how many % FRIM got? LOL

Patrina said...

Glad you managed to capture these beautiful shots! Crystal clear phtography.

I am so pleased that you visited my site and followed. I love it when I'm able to communicate and follow others from different countries.

A new journey begins!

God bless you and your awesome talent and passion for photographing nature.

Patrina <')>><