Monday, January 11, 2010

The return of the King

I did not make it to Kemensah on Sunday morning because the trail was terribly busy with birders, when I arrived I saw John Steed and gang walking up the trail, and I saw Madi/Mike's car not too far where I had wanted to park.So, I turned back and headed for this gorgeous King instead.

He kept his distance and not sharp/crisp enough, next time maybe.

The last shot was taken just before the dive; still no feeding shot.


John said...

Hi Wai-Yien,
you should have come and said 'hi'. The trip turned out quite fruitful, but not for photographs. Nice KF shots!

terence said...

you are close to get a flying shot. I'm sure it is only matter of time

Patrina said...

Awesome! Beautifully stunning.

surin said...

beautiful king :)

yen said...

Hi John, Don;t mean to be ill manner or what, but I actually didn't get out of my car and turn back right away. There will be planty of chances for us to bump into each other.