Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Yellow Bellied Warbler

Lookey lookey, who is here?

The truth is, I have come across this ever inquisitive species many times and I was not able to land me some good shots because he was just too agile, too quick.

I hope you enjoy this "comical" presentation.

I better let the rest of em know!

How have you been? Great I hope.

I better run, I have got plenty to do. I'll see you around and come back soon because Mr. Hill Blue is so looking forward to meet you.


Tony nile life said...

Liked that got some nice clear pics of it. good commentary. I did my Nilelife blog today the same way, a commentary by the Egrets

Choy Wai Mun said...

Great shots of an active species.

Robin Robinson said...

What a little darling that is! And such appropriate 'personality' captions, too. Love the little 'guy' or 'gal,' whichever it may be. You have the most awesome birds there. I love your banner photo, too - fabulous!

madibirder said...

Looks like he loves his picture taken. Goos shots

terence said...

nice one yen! and good story too.

Tabib said...

Lovely comical, especially that singing beauty.