Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Having reached Sandakan and stopping over at RDC is a must because RDC is famed for its huge variety of avian fauna. It is so popular that it attracts thousand of  birders from all over world year after year. How can I miss it?

We didn't get to do much at RDC because we are unsure of the treks to take and our 2nd day was a rather gloomy/overcast sky  which is not favourable for birds watching.

Anyhow, here is  the beautiful Buff-Necked Woodpecker that greeted me near the lakeside. There were at least 4 - 5 of them foraging/pecking on the ground/trees for worms. Quite a sight to behold because I have  NOT seen so many woodpeckers at any one time except for the Great Slaty Woodpecker roosting site near Kuala Tahan.

This Maroon Woodpecker was spotted at the Pitta Trail and is nesting. I had my doubt because the male returned to the nest in less than 20 minutes with another mouthful of worm soon after this shot was taken, I am curious.

On  my second visit the next morning, I heard the calls of the chicks, voilĂ ! Don't you think it is a little early to nest?


Tony nile life said...

nice shots.

The Abbot said...

You do have a wonderful amount of colourful birds. Nicely photographed.

jh said...

Good shots !
Drooling for the Maroon WP nesting !

Tabib said...

Wow!..worm in mouth shot!

terence said...

Nice woodpecker..
Keep it coming

Dev Wijewardane said...

lovely shot. did you use a flash?