Friday, October 16, 2009

Birding in Penang 2

On day two, members of MNS took me to the IBA area/Penaga/Permatang Pauh Paddyfield areas for waders watching/photography.

We spotted many Common Redshanks, Whimbrels, Little Curlews, Wood Sandpipers, Pacific Reef Egret and others at the IBA area.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the  Paddyfield areas where we spotted many Paddyfield Pipits, Common Terns, Common Ringed Plovers, Red Wattled Lapwings, a school of Grey Headed Lapwing, and many Pond Herons.

I didn't managed to photo all the birds we saw during the one day outing because we visited the sites during low tide; anyway are some of them.

This Pond Heron was seen "playing"  with a toad by thumbing the toad with his bill before letting him off ( photo no.3) and not eating it. I supposed the toad was just too large for the Pond Heron to swallow.

A flock of Grey Headed Lapwing that was "hidden" from our view by the paddy shrubs/distant; could not have spotted them not until they were disturbed by a Brahminy Kite that was near by.
Not a sharp photo though.

A beautiful Red Wattled Lapwing

A Common Ringed Plover.

 A Wood Sandpiper.

A Paddyfield Pipit.

A Common Redshank

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Tabib said...

Very fruitful Penang outing.
I like that Red Wattled Lapwing - wearing the black shoes!.

rainfield61 said...

The places are very familiar to me, but you have watched some extra than me.

terence said...

I think you got some of the bird wrong. Here is the actual.
The common ringed plover is acctually little ringed plover.
The little curlew is eurasian curlew.
The tern is acctually with-winged not common tern.

madibirder said...

Nice collection. What a lonely guy, I guess the heron just needed a playmate!

Paula Werner Severo said...

Hi yen thank you very much for the site you sent me! =] I´ll try! Your blog is so nice! love animals.... the wild life is always hard to photograph! you´ve got a very good job!
see ya!

Lucas Gusmão Mendes said...

Very good photos!.. Your blog is very nice!

The Abbot said...

What a lucky Toad. Nice shots.

The Abbot said...

What a lucky Toad. Nice shots.