Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Nose Monkey

Friends and I made a trip to Sandakan for wildlife sighting; we signed up for 3days/2 nites  package with Uncle Tan Wildlife Adventures which was rugged and comes with primitive amenities. Prepare to rough it out if you are thinking of visiting Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary any time soon or consider some other operators that provides better basic amenities.

The trip was satisfying even though we didn't get to see  Borneo Pygmy Elephant and  basking crocodile along the river banks; that being said, the Sukau area is slowly and surely disappearing due to the encroachment of palm oil plantations that dominated most part of the landscape and I hope the authority is aware of the importance of conservation of the ecosystem that is home to precious wildlife.

Here are some of the mammals and  birds that we sighted during our short river cruise when we arrived at the camp site on day 1.

This juvenile Proboscis Monkey was spotted soon after we started our river cruise.

A female Proboscis Monkey not far from where we spotted the juves.

A pair of  Bushy Crested Hornbill was  spotted  feasting on ripe fruit, and this photo below is the best that I have.
And a beautiful Brown Wood Owl.

The camp site.


Paula Werner Severo said...

beautifull animals and very good shots!

Lucas Gusmão Mendes said...

simply fantastic, your photos are really very good, congratulations.

The Abbot said...

Great stuff...brilliant photographs.

rainfield61 said...

I have yet to discover any big nose monkey at Cerok Tokun. So far, I have three species in my list.

Tabib said...

Wow!, that first shot is wonderful.
Sukau, 3days not enough. ;)

madibirder said...

Beautiful captures. Sounds like you had an interesting trip.

Robin Robinson said...

Aaaaaw! Love the expression on the first shot, terrific. I'm jealous that you can photograph monkeys in the wild. The only monkey in my life is my husband, ha! The camp site looks like a good time.