Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Orange Bellied Flowerpecker

In general male birds are more attractive than the female birds, the plumage is always "more" striking and colourful than the female.

A close up of the female.


Tabib said...

Nice pair and beautiful male colour.
Congratulation on your new camera. I think this is a 50D pics here, any news of 600mm IS? ;)

The Watcher said...

Lovely shots of a great named bird.

terence said...

From the male picture, I think you flowerpecker should be the Fire-Breasted not Orange-Bellied.
Great photo too.

yen said...

Thanks for the comments, I will check this out against my references later this evening.

Jordan Sitorus said...

Agreed with terence. The black stripe in the centre of the abdomen is visible. Anyway, nice shot.

Two-in-one shots are never easy to pull off. Congrats!

surin said...

congrats,both birds at perfect angle. keep it coming yen..