Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Large Frogmouth

I had a great weekend birding with members of MNS Ipoh Branch at Taman Negara, Sg. Relau, Merapoh. Not too many birds were spotted though, fortunately the star bird of Sg. Relau was there to greet us.

To be honest, I would not have been able to make shots of this beautiful Large Frogmouth if not of Dr. Chan and gang, thanks guys. My original intention was to walk the surrounding trails and hoping to stumble upon (fat hope huh!) it much like how I stumbled upon the Javan Frogmouth at Kuala Tahan.

This photo of a Large Frogmouth (below) was taken on our 2nd nite. Our 1st nite was rather disappointing because he wouldn't response despite our very best attempts and/or he might have perched and we wouldn't know where to look for him because of the very dark nite of a evergreen primary forest. Lucky for us, we were "rewarded" by an adult Brown Wood Owl, phew!

The second nite was a great nite for the group (10 of us) because he responded to our call s more than three times, and each time he perched it was on a different branch with different pose, what a nite.

Overall, the group was more than happy thanks to this Frogmouth that is listed as near threatened and not many birders have sighted this species even the very seasoned birders.

Gould's Frogmouth is next and last!

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madibirder said...

Great find.

Choy Wai Mun said...

Good shot and congrats. I'm still looking for my first shot of this amazing bird.

terence said...

Though my interest was on raptors, this is still a WoW!! for me. I never see any species of frogmouth before.

Jordan Sitorus said...

BIG WOW for that find. Congrates!