Friday, July 10, 2009

Kinta Nature Park 2

It was not that bad as reported by The Star, this huge disused mining pond is still teaming with wildlife, especially Herons. However, enforcement must be made to ban fishing and sand mining activities immediately.

There were fishing lines, and fishing net strewed all over the park and it was a sorry sight. The bird life might entangled themselves to the fishing line/net and starve to death.

The sand mining activities must be stopped to eradicate the noise, and human pollution.

The first photo gave you a good indication of the type of bird life that are available @ Kinta Nature Park. The Grey Heron and Great Egret in the foreground, the Black Crowned Night Heron on the right and the Javan Pond Heron is hiding just behind the tree line. What is missing from this photo is the Grey Heron (photograph 2 below)


zzlaloq said...

as a perakian, i never landed at the place.. maybe i should. i failed to see the great egret only the little egret.

yen said...

Yup, my mistake again, I meant Little Egret and not Great Egret.