Monday, July 20, 2009

Java Sparrow

Spotted this beautiful Java Sparrow whilst I was driving into Kek Lok Tong. There were at least 5 - 7 of them hopping from branch to branch feasting on ripe seeds.

Beautiful grey upper part, pinkish belly and a nice pink red bill too.

The second photo was taken off the cliff where they nest, was too high up to be able to see the nest.

Was not able to spot many of Thrushes except for the Blue Rock Thrush (only and a juves), better luck next time I hope.


madibirder said...

Beautiful Sparrows.I go to Ipoh every fortnightly but never had the chance to stop by this place.

John JB said...

This is an awesome beautiful bird, Yen ! The pic capture can be like a artist's painting work .
Is it rare in Malaysia ?

yen said...


No they are no rare per say, but the number is dwindling. Often found at open grass land or near paddy field.

Too many people are keeping them as pet, sigh.

Tabib said...

That the sad thing about bird in Malaysia.
I search the net, most of the photos posted were from Ipoh and Java Indonesia. That explain why I can't find it here in Raub.

Kelly said...

These are beautiful sleek looking!

Gallicissa said...

Beautiful shots!
It made to SL bird list, but they were in fact escapees.