Friday, June 26, 2009

White-chested Babbler

White-Chested Babbler. This species is also listed as Near Threatened by BirdLife International due to deforestation.

Just 10 years ago, the only access to Taman Negara (National Park) was via Sg. Tembeling and the boat ride journey was roughly 3 plus hours. The boat ride was one of the key highlight of Taman Negara. Along the river banks, there are numerous flora and fauna sighting opportunities.

These days, you are allow to drive all the way in to Kuala Tahan and new hotels, hostels, restaurants and stores have sprung up uncontrollably to cater for tourists. Rock music fills the air and climbers crowd the trails and mammals and birds have moved away from these busy trails. Sigh!

I wonder if wildlife sighting is still possible 10 years from now?

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madibirder said...

I think your comment on lack of control is valid, and it is not exclusive to Taman Negara. I'm running out of jungle in Kemensah. You can see the changes to the area weekly.Your favourite tree may not be there tomorrow! actually experienced this first hand.

Tabib said...

Beautiful and I have never seen this species.
Now I'm waiting for you to post that fledgling Monarch feeding.
(I know you visited them again last weekend ;))

John JB said...

Yen, you have a point there, this is not only happen in Taman Negara which is officially announced to be protected, those places that having less attention from the government like Panti, Bkt Rengit will be gone very soon too.
10 years later ? Yours and mine and those nature photographer's photo will be available from computer screen only lah ! So, try our best to capture as many as possible that available to us ! Cheers.

T and S said...

Awesome image of the white-chested Babbler. Its the first time I m seeing this species. Thanks for sharing.

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surin said...

hie,beautiful shot :)

Mun said...

Sad to hear about the situation at Kuala Tahan. It's been many years since my last visit. All my recent visits to Taman Negara are through the Sungai Relau entrance.

Nice shot of the White-chested Babbler. Certainly not an easy target.