Monday, June 01, 2009

Silver Breasted Broadbill feeding chick

Spotted a pair of adult Silver Breasted Broadbill taking turn to feed their chick. Each parent would take turn to "gorge" the chick with insect(s) on half hourly basis. It was quite a sight except the chick is still too young to "stick her head out" for a clear view, instead the parent would stuck their head into the little opening of the nest to feed the chick.

Please click on the picture to view larger, you can actually see the "mouth-to-mouth" feeding act.

(click on picture to view larger)

Broadbills typically lay two to three eggs.
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Kelly said...

Oh! How cute! I can see the little chick's eye in the hole as the parent feeds it. Wonderful close-up!

Neil said...

Great photo

Larry Jordan said...

Awesome capture Yen! Such a gorgeous bird and to see the little chick tucked into that tight nest is amazing!

John said...

A very good chance for documentary shots ! Hehe..