Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Holed up Buff Rumped Woodpecker

This species often nest in cavities dug from rotting tree trunk and I found them taking turn "checking me out" whilst I stand on guard observing them.

Let see if they have any hatchling soon.

The male has got a pretty red cheek.


hasyimi said...

Beautiful shots!

John said...

Great catch ! U will be very busy now a day, have so many "documentary shots" to complete .

yen said...


Can't complaint when you are given the "chance", you and I know so damm well chances like these are rare.

Kelly said...

Oh!!! I love this little woodpecker. His little red mustache is so dapper. Fantastic photos of the female deep in the hole. I love woodpeckers and this is a new species for me! I hope we get to see babies.

Tabib said...

I know where that nest.. ;)
Maybe we go up there again this weekend.

yen said...

Doc, the nest is not near/behind the tent. And there is no chick yet; rest assured that I will "sound" you when there are actions coming out from the nest.