Friday, June 12, 2009

Greater Coucal

I have come across with this big bird time and again, most often than not, they are either foraging on the ground or perched on medium low level canopy hiding behind the thick foliage. A good clear such as this is rare.

This species also received quite a fair bit of attention from wiki, go check them up if you are interested.

This shot was made hand-held, and hand-held on a 400 mm non IS (Image stabilisation) is not encouraging even at 1/250s.


Tabib said...

Beautiful photo!.
Nice posture with nesting material
You have a strong arm holding steady at 1/250

surin said...

it is a beautiful bird..

surin said...

i like your new header picture:) unique crest..looks like juvenile ?

....may god bless you with more beautiful shots :))

Vickie said...

You have some terrific images here! I always enjoy seeing birds and other wildlife busy with their activities in images. Thanks for your comment.

John said...

Great catch of the Coucal !
Indeed, not easy to meet it at such a open perch .