Friday, June 05, 2009

Good things come to those who wait

These birds are not new to me because I have seen them one too many times. Unfortunately, they are always foraging behind/within the foliage and is not always completely visible. For this reason, making a good photograph of them is not always easy.

This time around, I was blessed with two species of Malkohas while waiting for my other subjects; it is only appropriate that I titled my post "Patience is a virtue" (Good things come to those who wait) because both Malkohas flew in to my view while I was waiting for the Silver Breasted Broadbill to feed their chick and while I was observing the Buff Rumped Woodpecker.

This Raffles's Malkoha is small compare to its other cousin below.

Chestnut-Bellied Malkoha, he was hopping inside (from trunk to trunk) the canopies looking for insects to prey on.

The Rhinoceros and Great Hornbill was eager to gain my attention too. Quite a day I say.


Tabib said...

I like the posture of that Raffles's Malkoha. If you quick you may catch some thing. (tinja);)

zzlaloq said...

the raffles look different, a juvenile female perhaps?

yen said...


I thought so too.

hasyimi said...

It was Red-billed Malkoha. Which is more uncommon compare to Raffles's. Congrats!

yen said...

Hasyimi, Thanks and you are right, it is Red Billed Malkoha. Thanks for alerting me. Appreciated it.