Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Black Crowned Night Heron

Coming back from Bidor, Perak, I made a cautious decision to take the coastal road over the highway for two reasons, I was planning on making a brief stop at Kuala Selangor / Tanjung Karang for seafood and I remember seeing many Cattle Egrets along the ploughed paddy fields and may be some birding.

As I was approaching Sekinchan town, I saw what look like a Black Kite that was being terrorised by a some crows and had decided to make brief stop to witness the aerial fight. It was not a Black Kite after all, it was a juvenile White Bellied Sea Eagle that has been nesting on the platform of a communication tower. According to the locals, the nest was there for more than a year now. Gonna share with you soon.

Anyway, whilst I was there observing the juves White Billied Sea Eagle, a good samaritan had volunteered to take me to the fishing village near by for birds sighting, and curiously I followed.

Here is what I was taken to see. A colony of Black Crowned Night Heron.

This Heron is reputed to be a nocturnal bird and roost throughout the day and hunt during the nite. Interestingly, the bird wears two long plumes on their nape.

I believe she is incubating her eggs.


madibirder said...

Wow what a find. Where was this?

yen said...

Sekingchan, at the town area at a cross junction (in front of the police station), take a right, straight on about 1 km or so, take a left and a right immediately. head toward the fishermen wharf, you are there.

Kelly said...

...beautiful. I love these birds! They are so striking with the red eyes and black crowns.

zzlaloq said...

the heron in the nest looks cute!

Tabib said...

Beautiful pictures and observation.
I wish I have more free time to explore west cost birding sites - Kuala Selangor, Sekincan, Kemensah, etc, etc.