Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tabib's backyard

I have been following Tabib's post on the Baya Weaver for quite some time and I have always wonder if Tabib would be so kind to share his backyard (places where he does birding) with me just a little.

I decided to try my luck by making an unannounced visit to Tabib at Raub whick he quickly agrees despite his busy schedule being a GP, a parent and a birder.

A beautiful bird during breeding season because the breeding male has a bright yellow crown, dark brown mask, blackish brown bill, upper parts are dark brown streaked with yellow, with a yellow breast and cream buff. Non-breeding males and females look alike, dark brown streaked fulvous buff above, plain (unstreaked) whitish fulvous below, eyebrows long buffy, bill is horn coloured and no mask.

(click on picture to view larger)

It took the Baya Weaver 500 trips (18 days) to complete a nest and I am not surprised because whilst Tabib and I was there, he had made at least 10- 15 trips to the open field to collect grass, all that in the span of an hour. How tiring, especially each strand of grass is weaved into/onto another.

(click on picture to view larger)


Tabib said...

You are very lucky my friend!.;)

I love that 1st pic - male close up, resting after making so many trips.

Surin... said...

this is awesome. beautiful pictures....

Luis Novo said...

beautiful serie!