Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mountain Imperial Pigeon

I had sighted a flock of Mountain Imperial Pigeon when I visited Kuala Tahan (up to 300m above sea level) recently, and I could not be sure if it was this Mt. Imperial Pigeon or some other species. Those few photographs that I made was for the "record" and is not good enough to share because of the distance of the subject.

This time around, I ran into him at High Pine Trail (1310m) @ Fraser's Hill. What puzzle me was the fact that this species is reported to be an upper montane bird and why did I also spotted it at lowland rainforest like Kuala Tahan?

A huge bird and it is as huge as a domesticated fowl.

Other birds that was sighted and are worth mentioning are the Bay Woodpecker (couple@Maxwell Trail), and the Greater Yellownaped (woodpecker@HighPine Trail).

Not a very good picture and was taken hand-held.


Anonymous said...

it is mountain imperial pigeon. natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests...

John said...

Have not seen this MIP before, hope I can see it one day.
As for the Bay Woodpecker, from the maroon of the wing, look more like Maroon Woodpecker to me, me no good in id, just my 2 cents.

yen said...


you could be right, and I can't be certain what species it was because of the low light condition.