Monday, May 11, 2009

Mountain Fulvetta

You must agree with me if I say this Mountain Fulvetta is everywhere at Fraser's Hill.

Not easy to photograph though, a small and very restless bird.

(click on picture to view larger)

She is burrowing the twig for food...check out the amazing balancing act.

(click on picture to view larger)

@Hemmant Trail.


Tabib said...

Like all babbler, they are constantly on the move.
The last shot is great with head-on-with-meal. Maybe you can increase the f stop to say 8.0 to have more depth of field for more focus on bird's body and (R)leg. (but have to sacrifice the shutter speed in that dark canopy)

Luis Novo said...

great position!!
it look like he is showing his dinner!!