Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Will End Up With None

Trogons taken from Bkt Renggit.

Scarlet Rumped Trogan (Male)


Bukit Renggit is a very exciting place for birds watching/photography, I was welcomed by two different species of Trogons, and that it was so exciting (for me at least) that I almost ended up with "nil" good photograph because I was chasing two rabbits at the same time, lesson learnt.

The Red Naped Diard Trogon (corrected by Mike the birder, refer comments section)   below is far from good.


Tabib said...

Wah!, two species, good catch!.
I noticed this three birds were photographed on 3 separate days. What a dedicated birder.

zzlaloq said...

bkt rengit, havent yet reached!

yen said...

It was a very nice place to do bird photography. I had spotted parrot, hawk, and many others. The sad thing is they were either too far or too high up and is not a worthy photograph to share. will try again soon.

Dave Lewis said...

Hi Yen,
First, thanks for the comment on my blog.
Second, EXCELLENT photos and blog. It is a very difficult task to shoot birds in the forest, so many branches and leaves to work with.
Great job,

mikebirder said...

Hi Yen This looks like the diard's.......?