Friday, May 08, 2009

Brown Shrike

A Brown Shrike from Kuala Selangor Nature Park and she is wearing a grey crown.

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Tabib said...

Sharp and beautiful "bandit-mask" there.I went to Bukit Rengit - yesterday Pahang Hari Hol Holiday. I got five lifer but again failed to detected the elusive Trogon. (will post the pics tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

grey crown and nape. scale on the flank. I believe this is a tiger shrike.

yen said...

Mr. Anonymous,

very descriptive and I wonder who you are?

you seem to know quite fair bit about Tropical birds, hmmm!

Thanks for dropping by and I welcome constructive pointers and comments very much.

yen said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Definitely not a tiger shrike, I have photographed a tiger shrike before and they look like this

terence said...

Yen, This is indeed a tiger shrike. Mr. Anonymous is right. The one to photograph earlier is a juv of the tiger shrike.