Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scarlet Rumped Trogon

Spotted at least 3 Scarlet Rumped Trogons at the Old Pump House Road but only managed to get shots from one angle and off she goes.

What I do noticed after numerous stalking attempts of this beautiful bird was the fact that they are always perched/seen at dark/moist places. I supposed that is where insects are abundance which they feed on.

Anyway, this is a female because of its brown head. I hope to replace this photograph soon.


Dale Forbes said...

trogons are one of my favorite groups of birds. in south africa, we only had one (the beautiful red and green Narina Trogon) and so I was blown away by the piles of different trogons I discovered in central america. i dont think i have ever seen a trogon far from a dark, dank forest, so i think you are on to something there with your theory.

would love to see more trogon photos from your side of the world!


John said...

Nice trogon pic ! Seem very different of this female pic from normally what I saw which is male. Usually I will try the call when I heard it is calling some where and high chance it work, few time, it came near to our head top which is the trail side in Panti.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this bird before so it is a first for me. I am glad you pointed out that it is a female. My birds must land in my backyard here where I live so my selection is somewhat limited. My Birds Blog is the name of the blog but it isn't super-special like your blog.