Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dusky Broadbill

Broadbills are brightly coloured birds that feed on fruit and also take insects and live in the dense canopies of wet forests, allowing them to hide despite their brightly coloured plumage.

That is clearly not the case for a Dusky Broadbill. He is the least colourful Broadbill among his cousins except for the pink beak

He was aptly named Dusky Broadbill which you will agree after seeing his photographs.

Tabib and I was photographing the Dusky together, his photographs are much crisp than mine.

(Click on picture to view larger)


Dale Forbes said...

...and they always sit so still.

Good job finding it! and thanks for the info about the bird: it is always nice to learn a little bit more about the cool birds you photograph.

Happy birding

Tabib said...

Hi Yen!
That good enough for record shots.
Same lighting, same 400mm lenses and we used same ISO 400 settings.
The only different are aperture & shutter speeds.
Yours ---> Aperture = F5.6, 1/100 second and 1/200 second , Flash fired.
Mine ---> Aperture = F8 , 1/30 second and 1/60 second , Flash did not fire.

Maybe RAW and JPEG post processing different or maybe slight edged of 50D compare with 400D ;).
Going birding there again this Labour Day holiday?

yen said...


I did not do any post processing.

Where are you up to? Was thinking about doing the same trails...some good catch by Mike the birder.

Common said...

I couldnt imagine being able to shoot such exotic birds!

*I Donated To Cornell Ornithology!*