Monday, April 13, 2009

Crested Serpent Eagle

I spotted this Crested Serpent Eagle at Kuala Selangor Nature Park which was quite unexpected. As far as I know, Crested Serpent Eagle is a forest bird and always sits high on tree branch or middle storey and above.

What was he doing at a mangrove forest?

(click on picture to view larger)

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Dale said...

i really like your headline image of the hornbill, and the saying you have with it is beautiful. too many people think that making more money, having more stuff, and being stressed out all the time will somehow make us or our children happier, or give them "a better life".

lovely blog, I have added it to my blogroll.

Happy birding

Syaa_Fiqq said...

great shot! Beautiful bird..

surin.. said...

standing tall ever...