Saturday, April 04, 2009

Birds of Fraser's Hill 3

I had a good trip up at Fraser's Hill and I had wanted to try my luck on spotting two star birds at the Hill Station. The first being the Green Magpie and the other is the Long-Tailed Broadbill.
Again I spotted none of them myself, but a birding friend of mine managed to photograph the Long Tailed Broadbill just 20 meter before the upper gate at about 6:30 in the evening.

Where was I ? I was busy packing up my gears and I was late by 1 minute, sigh (big one)!

Anyhow, here are some of my results...

Black Throated Sunbird

This beautiful Black Throated Sunbird had me chased him round and round until he finally decided to feed on the ornamental flowers lined right next to the upper gate .

A small bird and not easy to photograph.

The plumage on his back is scaly and reflective.

A pair of Blue-winged Leafbird

Upper male and female below.

The White-browed Shrike-Babbler and his catch.

Not a crisp photograph because he was too far/high up and this is the time where a 500mm or a 600mm has its edge over a 400mm.

...and the Mountain Bulbul that wears an olive-green plumage.

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