Monday, March 16, 2009

Birds of Panti Forest

I visited Panti Forest recently, the Ornithology Sanctuary of the South of Peninsula Malaysia, famed for its Scarlet Rumped Trogon, Red Naped Trogon, and its Cinnamon Rumped Trogon.

Well, I found none of them despite spending the entire day there. What I did capture are the following birds and most importantly make two new birding buddies of the South. These friends that I made are blessed with great looking birds photograph that I wished I was the photographer, check them out (click links above).

Anyhow, I did managed some not too shabby shots ...

Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker

...and feeding on fruit.

Banded Broadbill

The first photograph is not so crisp, however notice the beautiful yellow stripe on its wings. A shy bird and heard its calls many times but difficult to locate.

This Banded Broadbill did soothed my angst for not finding what I came to Panti Forest for.

...and it pays to have a local birding friends to show you the place around especially for a novice like myself.


Tabib said...

Stunning 2nd pic, Flowerpecker feeding + with fruit.

zzlaloq said...

I have only the head shot of the banded broadbill(body was blocked by leaves), and when i showed the pic to a non birding friend,she dont believe its a living bird, a puppet maybe..