Monday, March 09, 2009

Birding at the old pump house road, Goh Tong Jaya, Genting

I had a great day birding at the old pump house at Goh Tong Jaya, and it pays to visit our fellow birders and learn from them.

In this case, I thanks Mikebirder for sharing with us this fantastic birding location where I spotted many birds, and photographed some of them.

Caught this Black-Browed Barbet feeding on fruiting tree and there are few of them on a single fruiting tree, what a sight!

Open Sunday only.

(click on picture to view larger)


Tabib said...

Fantastic finding and image.
If only you can get rid of that silver eye from flash.
Ha..ha!, you need flash bracket! ;)

surin... said...

Black-Browed Barbet...hmmm i wonder how it got its name, i dont see much black on it ?