Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver-breasted Broadbill preparing for nesting

My first encounter with a Silver-breasted Broadbill and you can imagine how delighted I was, especially so because they were in the midst of constructing their nest.

...busy collecting fibres for her nest, more like taking a break after all that hard work...

...and putting in the final touches on her nest.

A beautiful bird with brightly coloured plumage.


zzlaloq said...

Congrats, I think you are very lucky..

Tabib said...

This is from Bukit Tinggi?
Must go there this weekend.

白博士 said...

Great pictures~

The location you asked is remained but I took those pictures 2 years ago, I'm not sure the birds would nest there again or not. ;)

Kyle said...

Wow, yet another beautiful bird, Yen. We don't have anything like this in Texas, absolutely gorgeous!

Larry Jordan said...

Great captures of the Silver-breasted Broadbill Yen! And to find it nesting must have been a real thrill!

Gorgeous colors!