Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lesser Adjutant Stork in flight

I had photograph a Lesser Adjutant Stork (click here) during my last trip to Parit Jawa, Muar; I could only managed a still shot where he was standing on a stilt and it was drizzling.

These flight shots are by far one of my best.

(click on picture to view larger)


Tabib said...

I the second in flight shot.

2009:01:26 - any Chinese NY birds?.

yen said...

Thanks and I could not have made these shots without you tip on masking the pins on my 400mm.

Louise said...

These shots are beautiful, and perfect for SkyWatch Friday.

Please be so kind to include a SkyWatch Friday reference and link back to the site or I will again be forced to remove your link.

Thank you so much.

yen said...


Naturegirl said...

Great capture of a bird in flight!! Very well done!!

Blossom said...

Oh wow ... (I'm speechless)

Arija said...

So lovely to see it in flight. Nice shot.