Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birds of Bukit Tinggi 2, Pahang

Series no 2. from Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

Caught him (Orange Headed Thrush) foraging on the ground. He was alone and I had a terrible time following him around for quite awhile and he was sheltered under the trees which make photographing him even more difficult.

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A Black-Thighed Falconet and she is really small and should be one of the smallest bird of prey. From a afar, she looks like just another bird, at least not until you saw the "hook" beak.

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I think this is a White-Bellied Munia, and again I am not very sure if it is so.

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This Violet Cuckoo was pretty feisty. Before I snapped this photograph, she was chasing away a Swallow from this bunch of fruits, if only I was quick enough.


Tabib said...

That not White-Bellied Munia, but Shrike -Brown or Tiger sp.

Have you try taping the 3 pins of your 1.4X TC to give your 400mm f5.6 AF with EOS400D body. I tried that and very happy with the result in good lighting.
Here the link how to do it.
With 50D body, the central SF point don't work at all, but the peripheral AF points are usable.

zzlaloq said...

definitely brown shrike spesies..

Anonymous said...

Brown Shrike, not munia.
Little Cuckoo Dove, not violet cuckoo.