Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barred Eagle-Owl of Fraser's Hill

On my way down from Fraser's Hill and he was there to say good bye. How nice of him. It was late evening 7:30 pm or thereabout.

Owls are difficult to find because they are night birds, however, Owls have a predictable habit where they might turn up in the same area, and maybe on the same perch, so I read.
Here is where you might come to locate him, it was 1.5 km after the Selangor Dam on your right (ascend).

Happy birding.

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Tabib said...

Nice record shot!
All type of Owl are not in my collection yet, I mean from natural environment (not pics from the zoo negara).

Happy Chinese New Year to you and family.
May this Ox year brings happiness and prosperity to you.

Neil said...

I would not like those talons near me.