Sunday, December 28, 2008

Green Bee-Eater

A photo of a bird in action shows its personality.

Here is a Green Bee-Eater spotted at Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary gobbling her catch.

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Tabib said...

Hi Yen!

Nice catch for bird and photographer.
Are you sure you have that Canon Zoom Lens EF "17-400" mm 1:4 L ?

Thanks for visiting my site.
I'm from Raub, and birding around my backyard only.

Arija said...

Oh, well caught for both of you. I think you got the better dal though, yours last longer.
Lovely series of shots!

mick said...

That's a very nice series of photos.

Joe said...

Great shots in this series.

I added your page to my blogroll.