Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birds of FRIM

One of the question I asked myself most is, where can I go to get good pictures? The easy answer is that there are opportunities all around us. You don’t have to jet off to exotic locations or jump in your vehicle and travel to a bird reserve – if you have a garden or a local park, these
are great places to start both to hone your skills using your equipment and to practise.

Here are some of them and I will visit FRIM again with more of these lovely pictures and better pictures.

This very well fed Dove was going croo croo...croo croo whilst I was aiming at the Yellow Vented Bulbul showering (pic 2).

They dipped themselves into the roof drain for few seconds and started wiggling off the water (immediately) when they got out from the roof drain.

The bulbul "wiggling" act in on the right and you need to click on the picture to see the water that she was shaking off. The chap on the left seems pretty contended after the shower.

A very smart looking Gold-Whiskered Barbet. I spotted this handsome fella at the wetland area.

A Yellow-Vented Bulbul again, these guys are everywhere and I supposed they are quite used to seeing us human around them.

A Black-Naped Oriole and the twigs are in the foreground, sigh. I supposed I could do better next time.

Here is a flock of Asian Glossy Starling. Those two on the left are "immature" or "young".

A beautiful Asian Fairy-Bluebird

And a noisy Grey-Breasted Spiderhunter (not a very clear shot though).

And the Magpie Robin.

Last but not least, a squirrel feasting on a durian.

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