Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lake Garden, KL

Where do you think this is? Yup, Lake Garden it is.

I have jogged and walked the park on countless occasions and trust me, all these shots here seems so new to me, it's like I have never been there before.

I supposed our perspective changes through various stages of our lives, and I am becoming more appreciative of my surroundings. It is a good thing for my part I think.

During weekends, parents (families) would throng the parks exercising and playing. I must say these are the smart people because I don’t understand why someone should pay to exercise? Does your gym provide you a trainer? Crowded? Funny stares as you run on a treadmill? The pumped up muscle guy will come showing their meat?

And I hope you will be convinced by not spending your money in a gym where you could just sweat it out in a lovely scenic park like Lake Garden.

As for the parents, please consider going to the parks with your children, there are a good number of activities to do in the park that is good for them physically and mentally. Besides, what do you think your children will learn by going to Mid Valley or 1-Utama? Consumerism? And materialism?

Best of all, it is free.

Anyway, here are some good pictures of Lake Garden.

A proud Eucalyptus tree minus the Koala Bear.

A picture of a mini cascading water falls.


Bill said...

dear wai-yen,

I discovered your blog through blogwise and find your thoughts very refreshing. I have wanted to make a blog.

Must I keep waiting for next year?

I would enjoy knowing you and more about your work

please contact me if you are interested in a dialogue.


jos van voorden said...

The pictures from the garden are nice they give me the feeling that i wanna go there with my family.