Monday, September 10, 2007

Putrajaya City during the nite

Putrajaya City is really not that far from where I lives, I clocked in about 100km on a round trip to Putrajaya City, so it is very far to travel to visit the world most modern and organised new administrative centre of Malaysia?

The new admin centre houses the PM’s office, Ministry of Finance and others.

Much was said and argued about the cost involved in constructing these complexes versus the real (measurable) and tangible benefits that people on the street like you and I would get in return; and truly I could not come up with any except they look nice and pretty in the eye of a tourist/camera.

I do hope the residents of these complexes work hard (please spend wisely) in this very conducive environment. Also, it is becoming clear to me why there were recent report on good citizens of Malaysia travel all the way to Putrajaya immigration office to renew their passport; because he/she will not plan or make a trip to Putrajaya unless necessary, at least not because Putrajaya City has 12 parks namely Taman Wetland, Botani, Putra Perdana, Rimba Alam, Warisan Pertanian, Puncak Puteri, Lindungan, Puncak Selatan, Selatan, Wawasan, Rimba Desa and Saujana Hijau.

Anyway, Putrajaya during the night can be magnificent (when the lights are up) and here are some scenes I captured. I am still learning (night photography) and if some of the pictures here are over exposed or under, would you please correct me.

The Prime Minister's office

Putra mosque

Reflection of Sri Wawasan bridge @ Precinct 2. There are 8 bridges in Putrajaya City:-

· Jambatan Putra

· Jambatan Seri Perdana

· Jambatan Seri Bakti

· Jambatan Seri Wawasan

· Jambatan Seri Bistari

· Jambatan Seri Saujana

· Jambatan Seri Setia

Jambatan Seri Gemilang

(click on picture to view larger)

Sri Gemilang bridge (foreground) and Putrajaya Int. Convention Centre (PICC).

Look closely; does PICC like a pair of eyes staring down on you?

If you do like to find out more about the design of PICC, you can visit here

As you can see, Putrajaya City is doubling-up as a tourist destination after nightfall; the cars packed on each side of the bridge (Seri Saujana bridge) are a good indication.

I don't know what building this is but it is quite a nice building actually.

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