Monday, September 03, 2007

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park I recently visited and what you are about to see below is but a scratch of the surface, and I shall visit frequent. It is near and the drive there is pleasant. Morning prefers, as early as you can if I may suggest, early bird morning bird catches the worms, and there will be birds of all kinds to feast your eyes, factually speaking.

The clerk at the ticketing office advises me that birds, kite, monkey, otters, monitor lizard and pangolin are special residents of the park. If I am lucky and patient enough I may spot them all except for the otters and the pangolin because they are some very reclusive animal.

I hope you enjoy reading it and thank you for visiting.

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The walk way the Nature Park.

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A Yellow-vented bulbul

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A grey heron in flight.

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A kite

A stork billed kingfisher.

A common Iora

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Mangrove heron or little heron

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A mangrove blue flycatcher.

And here we have the infamous long tailed macaques drinking off a puddle of water and they are infamous because they have been known to steal foods from people because they have grown so used to being fed. Watch out!

Other animals/creatures that you might bump into are mud skippers, crabs (blue and red), mangrove lobster and others.

Here are some suggestions if you plan on visiting the Nature Park.

  1. Do be quite.
  2. Please your camera, binocular, tripod, extender/zoom lens (if you have one).
  3. Wear light clothing, sport shoes (comfortable shoes) because there will be some walking about to do.
  4. Bring your own drinks, and I expect you to spend long hours there do pack some light snacks.
  5. Do not feed the animals (monkey and fishes).
  6. Please do not litter (pack your rubbish home).
Do read up a bit on and about birds, you will be richly rewarded with endless sighting of beautiful/colourful birds.

Here are some sites I recommend, birds of the mangroves at sungei buloh nature park and Birds of Malaysia Photo Gallery by Michael Ng at

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wengchun said...

well done. it seems you have a good time in the nature park.