Monday, August 13, 2007

Water lilies inspire Claude Monet

Blossoming water lilies

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Laura said...

thank you for your comment! most of the okra grown here is green also, mine is considered an ornamental variety but it is still edible and when it is cooked it loses it's red color and turns green. i love your lotus pictures, especially the one of all the seedheads. i don't see many lotus here in louisiana and i don't have my own pond yet to grow them but one day... it is so exciting that you wrote me from malaysia, i have just started blogging and haven't had the opportunity to search and read as many blogs as i would like. my husband's mother was born in kuala lumpur and i unfortunately have not had the opportunity to visit yet. if you have more lotus pictures i would love to see them. your blog is beautiful and fascinating to read, i am not a world traveller but would like to be. asia is the first place i would like to visit--my favorite tv show, survivor, was filmed in china this season and airs in september. i know it is going to be the most beautiful one yet, i can't wait! how did you find my blog? i am still unsure about all the links, etc. people use to get around. i hope you will visit again. keep up the great work!