Monday, August 27, 2007

Walking billboard in Malaysia

We don't see many walking billboard in Malaysia and unlike the West, the Asian are less pervasive or shall I say more "restrained" in our actions/message, however, that is not all true when you "run out of cendol".

So, here is a scene where a “pak cik” (gentleman) was seen guarding the entrance of the stall (Cendol Leman Dawi) holding a placard signalling to all his would be customers that cendol “no more”.

I can imagine why he subject himself to such fate and why wouldn’t he when you need to tend to irritating questions like “can you prepare just one (1) last bowl of cendol, I will have my family of 5 share the cendol, would you please?” or “that’s too bad, we came all the way from KL your know, it is some 40 km from where we lived, you know”.

In order to prevent such irritating comments from your customers, you had better get your “cendol no more” to your customer first, you had better be sure your intended party heard/seen your “message” loud and clear like our pak cik did.

Or do you think they run out of ice block instead?

Cendol is a popular Malaysian dessert in which strands of green cendol are served in a cold mixture of coconut milk, brown syrup made from the local gula melaka, and shaved ice.

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NeoAuteur said...

Interesting! Why wouldn't the man just nail his sign onto a pole or something instead of holding it?

Anonymous said...

The shop owner must be thinking a way to show off his good business and creativity. Human billborad, isn't it interesting? Not just the wording but come together with the human expression and body language. How often we can see in city?