Monday, August 06, 2007

Lake Chini

Friends and I visited Lake Chini recently and it was my first trip to Lake Chini and I love it. The Jakun tribe inhabits Lake Chini, the country’s second-largest freshwater lake.

You can reach Lake Chini using the East Coast Expressway either exiting at Sri Jaya or Gambang. Choose between driving or taking a slow stroll using a water taxi, either way takes you to the idyllic Lake Chini. Take Sri Jaya exit if you fancy taking a boat ride and head toward Kampung Belimbing, follow the signboard erected all along the trunk road and you can’t go wrong.

The Gambang route will take you and your car straight into Lake Chini Resort where you can put up a night for RM 60 – RM 80. Please refer to the map in “have car will travel” for further details.

If you visit some of the web pages put up by the local authority, they claims that Lake Chini still supports many wild lives like tiger and clouded leopard. As for us, the only wild lives that we ever spotted were lizards, birds and monkeys.

Here are some of pictures taken from Lake Chini, evidently, Lake Chini support a wide variety of flora and fauna. Do enjoy...

A purplish water plant near the floating jetty.

Pictures of thick vegetation along the bank of Lake Chini.

A lone fishing hut in the middle of the lake.

The floating Jetty is bustling with activities.

Side view of the jetty

An eagle soaring high in the sky, i was hoping it dive in and do that fish scooping act, it didn't.

Lake Chini is definitely a definitely a bird watching haven, we spotted many of them on the river cruise and please be sure to go on a river cruise that I regard as the highlight of Lake Chini.

The vine of a Liana tree reaching out for water along the Chini river.

The is a beautiful image of a flying lizard, it flew inches above my head and “wow” was the only word I uttered, perhaps I was too taken by the possibility of it landing on top of my head. This picture was taken from the aboriginal village called Kg. Chendahan.

The village welcomes you.

Children of the Jakun tribe lazing on a bench, ideal?

Native herbs anyone?

What about a blow pipe ?

Hey, come again.


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