Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rhinoceros Hornbill

The Rhinoceros Hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) is one of the largest hornbills, growing up to 122 cm. Only the Helmeted Hornbill is a little bit larger, being up to 127 cm. It lives in captivity up to 35 years. Like most other hornbills, the male has orange or red eyes, and the female has whitish eyes. This bird has a mainly white beak and casque (the tip of the casque curves upward strikingly), but there are orange places here and there. It has white underparts, especially to the tail. This bird lives in the Malay peninsula, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo.For the Dayak people, the Rhinoceros Hornbill represents their war god, Singalang Burong. It is the state bird of the Malaysian state of Sarawak.


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