Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

There are many things you can do in Cameron Highland, you can choose to visit the farm, shop for some fresh vegetables, flowers, fruits and even off-roading if you like a bit fun in the mud.

But whatever you do, you must visit the beautiful Sg. Palas Tea Garden (SPTC). (right click open in new tab). The new SPTC facilities are 5-star rated and the views are simply breath taking.

In fact, SPTC was probably the one thing that I enjoyed most when I visited Cameron Highland recently and it was a "sheer driving pleasure" via the Simpang Pulai route.

Here are some of the pictures ...

The facility from afar

The breath taking view

As you enter the tea centre, you are greeted by this antique solid brass tea rolling table.

The quarters where the workers live

Scene at the market

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Johnny Ong said...

when my grp of frens stays there, we def will enjoy an afternoon tea time at the smokehouse. just want to soak in the english environment